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Friday, January 31, 2014

Learning to crochet. My first projects!

When starting crochet, I thought it was super hard, but all that is out there with free tutorials on blogs or youtube help a ton! You learn as you go and you learn from every mistake you have made that helps you improve. Here are a few of my started projects:

My first project was this headband I made for my daughters using simple crochet (sc)


Notice the peace out symbol in the back..tee hee..

I wanted to go bigger, so I made my oldest this crocheted Philadelphia Flyers bag! I learned about picking up and dropping color a little later on the correct way. This came out great and I was able to learn how to line the bag with fabric! I followed this tutorial here from bobwilson123 on youtube   She uses continuous rounds. Instead of using 2 strands of yarn to make the bag stand up, I use one strand and just made the handles a little bit longer. The emblem and number is chained on.

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