Saturday, February 8, 2014

Slouchy Hat Pattern

Slouchy hats can be made for boys and girls, men and women. I love the look of them! I was looking for the perfect free crocheted slouchy hat pattern, but couldn't find one, so I made my own pattern. I like the cinched look in the back instead of seeing the rounds and I wanted thick ribbing in the front. This is my first attempt at making my own pattern, so if you have any questions, I will be happy to help you along, just leave a comment on the bottom of this blog entry.

Here is a sizing chart to help with the headband ribbing. With my hat, the boy I was making it for just turned one, so I made the headband 15" long.

             Headband Sizing Chart

Age     Head Circ.   Headband size
Newborn 13" - 14" 12"
0-6 months 14"-17" 13"
6-12 months 16"-19" 14"
1-3 months 18"-20" 15"-17"
3-12 yrs. 20"-22" 17"-18"
teen/adult 22"-24" 18"-20"

Now that you know what size crocheted headband you will need, let's get started!

1 skein of worsted weight yarn ( I used Red Heart in cafe latte)
Size US J and I hooks
Yarn needle

Notes: This hat is worked from the bottom to the top. I based the ribbing size on a headband sizing chart that I found. See above. I determined the height for this slouchy hat by a standard beanie size for a 12 mth. old (7 inches) and just added 3 extra inches (10 inches). At 9 inches, I changed to a size I hook so cinching would be easier. 2 rows of hdc and alternating with sc and sc2tog closer to the end.


Ribbing for hat:

With a sized J hook chain as many as you like to reach the desired thickness of your band. I liked my band to be thick, it gives it a nice look. I chained 10.

Rw1: sc in each st to end. ch 1 and turn

Rw2: *sc in second chain from hook in blo (back loop only) to the end Ch1, turn ...(9sc) Repeat from * until desired length is reached.

To finish, line up the stitches of the band on both ends. sl st in each st. Turn headband inside out so that the seam is on the inside. Ch 1

Body of Hat:

round 1: sc in each stitch around. sl st to beginning sc.

round 2: round 17:  hdc in each st around. No sl st needed from here. Just work in continuous rounds to the desired height. My hat at this point was about 9" so I changed to the I hook.

round 18-19: Using the I hook, continue hdc around. You will notice the hat will start to taper in. This is what we want so we can cinch the hat in the end.

round 20: sc, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog to end of round

round 21: sc in each st around

round 22: sc, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog, sc, sc2tog to end of round

round 23:  sc in each st around.

Finishing: leave a long tail of about 15" to be safe. tie off and weave the tail into the stitches along the top of hat. Pull tight to cinch. Weave the tail inside the hat.


  1. Love the slouchy hat pattern, Jessica! I've been looking for a good one and look forward to trying yours. Keep on being crafty! Hugs from Mary at

  2. Fantastic Thank you

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  4. Really glad I came across this, thanks!! :-)

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  6. Ty! Been looking for a simple pattern to try for my picky nephew!

  7. I think my niece will love this and it should match her scarf perfectly

  8. Making a hat for my boyfriend for Christmas and have been having a hard time finding a pattern that was easy enough for me to do till I found yours.

  9. I love this pattern Jessica! Just checkingchecking three terms are us? Thanks, Sally